What is the ABRR?

Begun in 2002 by Blake Discher of Detroit with help from John Macartney and based on similar events in the UK, the ABRR is a two day drive for charity in British cars. It is not a race, and is run on public roads at posted speeds. It is not a rally as there are no checkpoints or deliberately vague instructions. It is an endurance test of sorts, intended to be challenging but fun for the participants, and to see just how reliable these supposedly “unreliable” British cars really are.

How do I get involved?

E-mail Alan Anspaugh at alan.anspaugh@gmail.com for more information.

What will it cost me to participate?

Each two person team pays for their own expenses, so figure 600 miles worth of fuel, modest hotel rooms for 2 days, and the meal plan, roughly $600.  Beyond that, each team pays a registration fee ($150 in 2019) that supports the infrastructure of the run: things like the rally door tags and window clings the cars wear, the route guides, and the cost of promoting the run itself like this web site, etc.

Do I really have to solicit donations? Is the $500 number a requirement?

It is the goal of each team to raise $500 for the partner charity. The $500 number is a goal, not a requirement. Some will raise more, some less, some may raise nothing at all. Hopefully every team will be able to contribute something to this worthy cause, so it's all good.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and go 100% to the charity.  There are tips for fundraising and some useful printed flyers that you can download on our Fundraising Page.

How is the run conducted? Do we all stay together?

Generally yes, the ABRR is conducted "caravan style" with the cars staying together, although we may break the group up into several "flights" depending on the number of cars involved. Each team will get a detailed route guide (you can download the 2015 Route Book here) at the kickoff. We make group stops for fuel, rest, etc. at intervals. Teams are encouraged to bring two way "walkie talkie" type radios to keep in touch and of course we all have cell phones these days.

Can I join the run in mid route?

Yes, some participants may join and leave the Run in mid-route. Contact Alan Anspaugh by e-mail at alan.anspaugh@gmail.com for more information on that.

Do I need a co-driver, or can I run the route by myself?

You can run the route by yourself if that's your wish. Several teams are solo efforts.

Is GPS allowed?

Of course!  If you have a GPS that can load route files, use the Contact Us form below to ask about getting the route files for the run.

What if I break down?

In a British car? Heaven forbid! In actuality, there have been few problems on the Run that could not be fixed at the side of the road by the participants, but in that unlikely event, there will be a support vehicle provided by Ragtops and Roadsters towing an enclosed trailer to recover the fallen entry. Inside the trailer will be a "Car of Shame" (a Mazda Miata in 2015), in which the displaced team will finish the Run. But let’s just assume that won’t be needed, shall we?

Only 40 Teams?  Will I Get In?

Unfortunately, we do have to limit the number of teams for the logistics of driving, hotels, and meals.  Teams will be registered on a first come basis.  You have to mail in your registration form with your check for the registration fee for it to count (sorry, email, scans, faxes, text messages, pigeons, don't count).  We will take the first 40 forms we receive in the mail and then start building the waitlist.  

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