600 Miles In A Classic British Car...

The ABRR is based on UK Reliability Runs that benefit children’s charities in England. Begun in 2002 by Blake Discher of Detroit with help from John Macartney (In the Shadow of My FatherTurn Left at the Pacific), America's British Reliability Run is a challenging, but fun, driving event that so far has raised more than $300,000 for worthy children's charities. Carried on by the Delaware Valley Triumph Club of PA since 2008, the ABRR spirit is now spreading throughout the USA with multiple regional runs.

The ABRR is not a race. The run is conducted on public roads at posted speeds. It is not a road rally either, as there are no checkpoints or deliberately vague and misleading instructions. The ABRR Teams travel in groups, taking care to keep the cars together, making group stops as necessary. The ABRR is a great fall drive on rural paved roads through beautiful countryside in the company of fellow British car friends. All done for a good cause as the only competition is how much each ABRR Team raises for the kids!

There are multiple ABRR’s are being planned throughout the USA. Click the buttons below to get more info about each of the regional ABRR runs:

Want to get a sense of what an ABRR is like? Check out our videos from 2015 and 2018: