Begun in 2002 by Blake Discher of Detroit with help from John Macartney (In the Shadow of My FatherTurn Left at the Pacific), and based on similar events in the UK, America's British Reliability Run is a challenging, but fun, driving event that so far has raised more than $160,000 for worthy children's charities. This year's run will start in Quakertown, PA and cover some 550 miles of scenic byways in NY before ending in NJ, and will benefit the St. Christopher's Foundation in support of the C.O.R.E Palliative Care Team at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. Each two-person team pays their own expenses out-of-pocket and has a goal of raising $500 for the charity.

The ABRR is not a race. The run is conducted on public roads at posted speeds.  It is not a typical road rally either, in that there are no checkpoints or deliberately vague and misleading instructions, but this year, participants have a choice in how they run the route. They can either choose to run in the Touring Division, with a follow-the-leader caravan format as we have done in the past, or the Rally Division, which will be run as a competitive Time Speed Distance event.

The Touring folks will take care to keep the cars together, making group stops as necessary. The Rally folks will be on their own; no group stops for fuel or potty breaks; just you, your navigator and the open road. Either way, the ABRR is a fun drive on great roads through beautiful countryside in the company of fellow British car hobbyists, and all for a good cause.  Both groups will gather daily for lunch stops and dinner.

Up to 40 British cars of any marque or vintage may participate in the run. Ready to join? Proceed to the Registration page where you can download the registration form and flyers. Want to see what a previous run was like? See our "2008 Run Recap" in the Gallery section. Even if you can't participate in the run, please support this effort by making a donation of any size on behalf of one of our teams. Again, teams pay their own expenses, so 100% of your donation goes to the charity and is 100% tax deductible. Please help us meet our goals!


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