Promotional Forms

Download these forms and customize them to help with your fund-raising and promotion efforts:

This is a form that you can customize with your team picture and team name to hand out at car shows or mail to friends and family.

This is a form that you can customize with your team picture and team name to hand out at car shows or mail to friends and family.

This is an informational flyer that you can hand out.

This is an informational flyer that you can hand out.

Instructions For Charitable Donations

Checks from your donors should be made out to "Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation" or just "Children's Specialized Hospital".  Nothing needs to be written in the memo line of the check.  All donors who donate by check will get an acknowledgment letter from the Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation.

Cash donations: Cash donations are great too, however you will have to convert them to a check for the charity.  You can combine all your cash donations into a single check drawn on your own account.  If you provide a list of the cash donor's name, address, and amounts that make up that single check, each cash donor will receive an acknowledgment letter from Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation.

Bring your donation checks (don't bring cash) to the Drivers Meeting on Friday September 22nd.  We will hand out envelopes for each team to collect your donation checks and tally the amount raised by each team.

Fund Raising Tips From Champion Fundraiser Dave Hutchison


There are many techniques used to raise money for a worthy charity such as the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Program at Children's Specialized Hospital.

First, this is for CHILDREN. Second, Children's Specialized Hospital needs our support and whatever can be given is good.  I have found success by calling on the professionals in my life that are doing well and can see their way to support us.  Talk to your attorney, insurance agent, doctor, dentist, surgeon, builder, plumber, teacher, and anyone who might have a soft spot in their heart for the kids, which is most everyone.  I also look toward friends and family to give as well.  There is no one way to do this other than to get started NOW.

We run this event like a Walk-A-Thon or Bike-A-Thon and do our best to get all donations up front before the event.

Children's Specialized Hospital is a 501(c)3 organization and the donations are 100% tax deductible.  Children's Specialized will provide a written acknowledgement for all gifts by check.

How to get started:

First step:  Take a picture of you and your navigator next to your British car. VERY IMPORTANT.

Second step: Insert picture and “Team Name” into the "Team Flyer" file provided and print a bunch of them to carry with you for the next month or so.  You can also email this flyer to potential donors.

Third Step:  Talk about the ABRR with EVERYONE you meet and if they have a British Car and encourage them to run with us.

Fourth Step: If they can’t run or don’t have an LBC ask them to support our 2017 ABRR by making a donation to your team.

Fifth Step:  The MOST IMPORTANT STEP.  Keep a list people you speak with and FOLLOW UP during the last week before the run.  Then the checks will start coming in when you make that follow-up call or send the follow-up email…

How much money you might ask? I usually start with so much per mile: one dollar per mile is where I start then move it quickly down to 50 cents then to a quarter and you will find their comfort level.  A penny a mile is $5.50 so a $25 donation is basically 4 cents a mile.

Many people not in our hobby have the opinion that our little cars are unreliable so they think you will not finish.

With the number of LBC technical people registered already and the Ragtops & Roadsters truck and van, you WILL finish even if you have be towed back.  We have not yet left anyone behind!